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Some of our recent clients from Croydon who were kind enough to let us show their photos taken before and after their scalp micropigmentation treatments.

Wayne, 45

Wayne came to us with a specific need for scalp micropigmentation to camouflage scars throughout his graft area. 

Having struggled with the visibility of these scars for some time, Wayne was eager to see what SMP could do for him.

In December 2019, Traveling from Brixton to our clinic, Wayne underwent several treatment sessions to ensure the scars were effectively camouflaged. Charlotte, known for her meticulous approach, carefully blended the pigment to match Wayne’s natural hair, ensuring a seamless and natural look.

After the treatment, Wayne was thrilled with the results. The scars were no longer noticeable, giving him a renewed sense of confidence. Scalp micropigmentation has truly transformed Wayne’s appearance, providing him with the scar camouflage he needed to feel comfortable and self-assured again.

Before After

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