SMP Removal

A long with hair loss solutions we also offer alternative treatments that help remove badly done SMP. If your SMP looks botched, contact us at our Studio in Surrey, London.

Scalp Micropigmentation Removal & Repair

As SMP pigments and techniques have advanced we are now, thankfully, seeing more consistent healed results, with less blue and migrated SMP procedures that require removal.

However there are still sadly many cases of old or failed SMP where pigment colours have turned blue as well as pigment blurring under the skin. This can be due to many factors including pigments, technique and even PH Balance of your skin or excessive sun exposure.

Reasons for SMP Removal Or Repair

There can be many reasons for SMP removal or repair, including botched SMP, staining due to over exposure to sun, old ink that has migrated and you want to start fresh, adjustment of hairline to something more fitting for your age or you may just simply have decided you want to remove the SMP and embrace your natural remaining hairline.

How the Removal works

Using a Q Switched ND YAG we are able to safely remove most SMP with 2-3 sessions with very little downtime or damage to skin. Body Tattoos are generally deeper within the skin and more saturated with pigments therefore these will take longer, between 8-12 sessions is an estimate.

The Laser shatters the SMP pigment particles to allow your lymphatic system to remove the particles from the area, this is why the gap between sessions is so important! To get the best results you must give your body time to do what it does best!

Please get in touch to discuss your individual needs for more information.

Before & After SMP Removal

Learn More About SMP Removal

It isn’t comfortable but it is quick! In most cases it is a sharp snapping sensation that is uncomfortable but bearable.

In most cases SMP is relatively simple to remove, you should expect 2 or 3 sessions with a 8 week gap between. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule so it is wise to consider that you may need more sessions, depending on skin tone, pigment depth and quality etc Body Tattoos will take longer (8-12 sessions)

Generally speaking each SMP removal session will cost £75 for a small area such as the temple or hairline, upto £250 for an entire scalp.

Body Tattoos start at £50 for a 1inch square and are priced based on the size.

Of course! As long as you give your body time to heal from the laser before you add new pigment (normally at least 8 weeks)

In most cases NO! Directly after treatment you may find the hair turns white as it is singed by the laser, but it will regrow. In some cases you may be asked to shave but generally we can work through the hair.

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