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Some of our recent clients from Croydon who were kind enough to let us show their photos taken before and after their scalp micropigmentation treatments.

Jerome, 45

Jerome came to us in May 2024 for a light top-up session, seven years after his original scalp micropigmentation procedure with another practitioner. Living in Coulsdon, he sought out Charlotte’s expertise at our clinic to refresh his look and maintain the confidence he had gained from his initial treatment.

Charlotte carefully assessed Jerome’s existing SMP, noting that it had held up remarkably well over the years. Her focus was on enhancing his appearance without overdoing it, ensuring a natural and age-appropriate look. With precision and experience, Charlotte executed the top-up, revitalizing Jerome’s hairline and giving him a renewed sense of confidence.

Jerome left our clinic with a fresh, natural appearance and couldn’t be happier with the results. His experience underscores the lasting impact of quality scalp micropigmentation and the importance of skilled touch-ups to keep the results looking their best.

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