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Some of our recent clients from Croydon who were kind enough to let us show their photos taken before and after their scalp micropigmentation treatments.

John, 58

John had been dealing with the challenges of hair loss for years. After a failed hair transplant and a bad experience with his barber, he was hesitant to try anything new. Based in Crawley, John decided to take a significant step forward by leaving his hairpiece behind, starting with a scar camouflage procedure.

In January 2024, John decided to visit our clinic and met with Charlotte for a scalp micropigmentation consultation. Recognizing the importance of starting with a scar camouflage procedure, Charlotte designed a plan that would give John a natural look while addressing the transplant scars.

Charlotte’s expertise and attention to detail provided John with a renewed sense of hope. The scar camouflage treatment went smoothly, and John left the clinic feeling optimistic about the possibility of finally leaving his hairpiece behind. This initial step in his scalp micropigmentation journey marked a significant positive change in his appearance and confidence.

Before After

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