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Some of our recent clients from Croydon who were kind enough to let us show their photos taken before and after their scalp micropigmentation treatments.

Obi, 49

Obi had been considering scalp micropigmentation for a while. Living in Epsom, he wanted to find an artist who could provide the perfect balance of professionalism and skill. He eventually found Charlotte, who came highly recommended for her expertise.

In November 2022, Obi started his treatment sessions with Charlotte. Both agreed that a firmer hairline would give Obi the confidence boost he was looking for. Over the course of three sessions, Charlotte meticulously crafted a natural yet defined hairline that suited Obi’s style and facial structure perfectly.

After completing the treatment, Obi couldn’t be happier with the results. The scalp micropigmentation has not only given him a more youthful appearance but also a renewed sense of self-assurance. Obi’s experience is a testament to the transformative power of SMP when done by a skilled artist like Charlotte.

Before After

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